Jacob's Restaurant

Web, iOS, and Android

Jacob was looking for a way to get away from being a 'pizza' place. His new website, has a menu that features heartier entrees. Search engines crawl this way too, googlers are able to find entree images and descriptions.

Talking on the phone is prone to mistakes, miscommunication, and misorders. Instead Jacob reads orders from an iPad in realtime. Customers read the menu directly from the admin app, menu changes occur instantly.

While Jacob is in the kitchen, there has to be a way for customers to have their orders taken simultaneously. From within or outside of the restaurants customers can queue orders from their mobile devices.

Jacob's website
Jacob's app
Jacob's Admin App
Jacob's website and apps


  • Jacob's own iOS and Android apps that integrate with Square business. Mobile payments are sent through customers' devices using Google and Apple pay.
  • At any point in the day, Jacob may update his menu or close the store. His store can be updated through his iPad or phone; the changes are seen in the appstores immediately.
  • The new website is a state of the art progressive web app.